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Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In the event that a consumer dispute arises between us and the consumer under a contract of sale or a contract for the provision of services that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the consumer may submit a proposal for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which is:

Czech Trade Inspection Authority (
), Central Inspectorate – ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 12000 Prague 2, email:, website:


Association of Czech Consumers, z.ú., tel. +420495215266, email:, web:

Procedural rules available atí-zpusoby-reseni/scs-a-mus.php

There are no fees for the proceedings. Language. It may be conducted orally or in writing.

Customer satisfaction comes first

What do customers say about us?

Hello, thank you all very much for your quick and kind action, without ordering.

You saved us a beautiful day at your place in Klinovec.
Have a nice day.

Nikola L.

...and the service evaluation: complete satisfaction. I came across this service by chance and can only recommend it. Excellent attitude, speed, quality, price. You know, you just know...

Ing. Patočka T.

Thank you for the helpful behaviour of the owner of the service and for the excellent work of the mechanic. Elsewhere, we were turned away in a difficult situation. I can only recommend it.


Thank you again very much for all your help, have a nice day.


Thank you for the quick repair, removal and bringing the car.


the repair of the totally broken transmission in the Ford Tourneo Custom was absolutely timeless and unbeatable!
- friendly approach - favourable price - shortest possible term
Thank you again very much! We will definitely use your services again

Milan Mňatinoha