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Block exemption


Commission Regulation EC 1400/2002

The phrase means one important thing for vehicle owners, and it has been in practice since 2004.

According to this regulation, vehicles under warranty can be serviced by unauthorised garages without loss of warranty.

The manufacturer must not make the recognition of the warranty conditional on the need to go only to an authorised workshop. The warranty must always be honoured if the prescribed maintenance has been carried out, regardless of where the vehicle has been repaired. Automakers must provide production data, technical information, car data, special tools or jigs and equipment so that everyone has access to it.

A non-authorised garage is held to the same standard as an authorised garage by law. The law is essentially ignorant of the marketing terms “authorized” and “unauthorized” and makes no distinction between auto repair shops. If a car dealer tells you otherwise, don’t believe it.

So if you have a new vehicle under warranty, you don’t have to worry about coming to an unauthorised garage for an oil change or other repair.
For more information on the block exemption, including its wording, see the links below:

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